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about us

Kitchens By Design is a local family run business. We specialize in providing rigid built cabinets to suit all budgets and with more than 500 door styles and 100 colour co ordinate carcase colours we have something to suit everyone’s taste.

Whether you require a complete service from design to fitting or just supply only we are happy to help. We have many years of experience within the kitchen and bathroom industry and pride ourselves on our service and believe that nothing is impossible or too much trouble, if we can do it for you we will. We believe in offering all round good value for money on kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms.

Trade Kitchens

Working with Kitchens By Design will help you find the versatility to help you find the perfect kitchen for your customer with a design that will set you apart from your competitors. We have years of experience working with the trade and will help you surpass the needs and expectations of your customers.

Here at Kitchens By Design we are committed to being able to offer the best service and the best value for money. Exploit our experience to give your customers a bespoke design service that will leave your competitors envious and your customers delighted. You can invite your customers to view our showroom so we can qualify their needs and plan and design their individual thoughts and ideas and turn them into a dream kitchen. You can be sure your customers are in safe hands and this allows you more time to concentrate on other projects you may have, and we will keep you informed of the progress every step of the way.


Flat pack or rigid? Our cabinets are fully assembled and are superior to flat pack but not necessarily more expensive as assembling flat pack units on site can be time consuming and costly.

Open a door...

Is the interior of the cabinet fully colour co-ordinated? If it is not it may be an inexpensive cabinet. We offer a choice of over 100 colour combinations to suit our range of doors.

Look inside the cupboards...

Are there lots of unnecessary holes? Spare holes are unsightly and are only there to reduce construction costs. Our cabinets are drilled for a specific use with many variations available.

Look at the shelves...

Are they the same thickness as the side panels? Our cabinet sides and shelves are 18mm thick and have solid metal shelf supports.

Check the back panel...

Is it securely fixed to the sides of the cabinet? A fitted back panel strengthens rigidity. Our back panels are 18mm thick and are an integral part of the construction.

Now pull out a drawer...

Does it run smoothly? Check that the runners support the drawer from underneath and not the sides. Is the base of the drawer solid? Our drawer boxes are capable of holding 30kg in weight and are all fully extendable. They also feature Blumotion which is a self closing system that works by cushioning the drawer 50mm from the cabinet edge and pulling it shut in a soft, controlled way.

Doors only...

We can supply replacement kitchen doors in a large number of ranges from high gloss flat panel doors to shaker style solid wood. We can supply made to measure kitchen doors so you can plan your kitchen without the need for filler panels as you would need to do with most standard kitchen doors. Because our made to measure kitchen doors can be made to match our rigid built cabinets it gives you an unlimited range of door and cabinet sizes.

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